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Environmental campaigns about reducing energy efficiency and behaviour change

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On March 27th, I had the great opportunity to visit the Parkview High School, Key Club, and Environmental club. The group of students invited me because they wanted to explore initiatives and activities that they could lead across their high school for Earth Week. This was the perfect opportunity to have a conversation about Green Schools Nova Scotia campaigns that involve energy efficiency, and how to motivate high schools students to adopt energy efficiency behaviours.

I shared my Green Schools NS experience implementing green campaigns across High Schools in Nova Scotia, and the students gathered as much information and ideas, as they could, and set out to make a plan.   

After my presentation, I heard from Sandra Martin, the Leader of Parkview Environment Club, to tell me that the students had organized several events for Earth Week, including, Turn off the Lights for Monday, Bring a water bottle (refillable) and get your name in for a draw for Tuesday, property clean-up and a donation jar at Parent-Teacher on Wednesday night, Hope for Wildlife for Thursday afternoon, and a beach clean-up on Saturday.

In regards to the lights off activity, they were curious to find out how much energy, they were potentially saving throughout the building. I suggested getting in touch with Andy Selig at the South Shore Centre for Education Office and explained that he could be able to gather some information, with the smart meters that are installed in the building. I encouraged them to continue exploring options with him since he is keen on energy savings and engaging with students.

The Parkview High Key Club had a great Earth Week celebration, and they are looking forward to next year’s planning.


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