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Exploratory Day at Clark’s Harbour Elementary School

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Clark’s Harbour Elementary School hosted their Exploratory Day for Primary to Grade 3 students last fall. Natalie McMaster was pleased to accept the invitation to attend and do some hands-on energy efficiency learning with the students.

Exploratories are typically two-hour programs organized by a school to provide opportunities for students to try new activities. Community organizations like Green Schools NS are welcomed into the school to teach new skills on a wide variety of topics. One of the best parts of Exploratories is that these activities extend learning experiences beyond the classroom. Clark’s Harbour Elementary provided a variety of activities included relaxation exercises, crafts, computer activities, Kung Fu, indoor tennis, Taekwondo, recycling, and the Draft Snake.

You guessed it! The Draft Snake Activity was the exciting contribution from Green Schools NS! Students in this group were keen to learn about ways to help the Earth and waste less energy. Participants made their very own draft snake to take home and keep the cold air out, and the warm air inside their homes. More than a few planned to use their draft snake as a warm, homemade, snuggly stuffie until the temperatures dip and the heat comes on.

Looking for Exploratory learning possibilities at your school? Check out the many energy efficiency and green activities on the Green Schools NS Resources Page.

Want to learn more about Exploratory options? Nova Scotia Department of Education has a great resource on Community-Based Learning.

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