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Exploring Green Careers: Watch the Virtual Field Trip to Cole Harbour High School!

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Join Vimbayi from Business Is Jammin’ as she embarks on another exciting Virtual Field Trip in our Green Schools Nova Scotia series! In this second installment, follow Mohsin, an Energy Manager for HRCE, as he conducts an onsite check at Cole Harbour High School.

Step inside the school and delve into the inner workings of its heating and electrical systems. Discover the vital role these systems play in creating a sustainable environment for students and staff. Mohsin’s expertise provides valuable insights into yet another green job opportunity right here in Nova Scotia!

Our Virtual Field Trip series aims to educate and inspire students about green careers, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable professions. By showcasing these real-life examples, we aim to ignite their imagination and provide inspiration for their career aspirations.

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the exciting world of green careers! Stay tuned for more inspiring episodes that will empower students to make a difference in their future career paths.

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