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Northern Nova Scotia Engagement Officer Pam got to visit some of the schools in Pictou County earlier this month, to learn how we can all #WasteLess! She started the week’s visit at Bridgeway Academy in Stellarton, with Janet Johnston’s students. Pam was able to virtually visit those students earlier this school year to learn about climate change, so the students had lots of ideas for helping the Earth! 

One of the staff members told the students how when he lived in London (England), very few people had a dryer! Everyone simply used a clothesline and/or drying rack. The students were shocked to hear this, but also noted how clotheslines work well, and they don’t require any electricity, which saves money, resources, and helps the Earth! 

After a lovely start to the day with Janet’s students, Pam scooted over to A. G. Baillie Memorial School in New Glasgow. While there, Pam got to visit Madame Corbin’s primary class, along with Victoria Dignan’s 4/5 class, Danielle Gloade’s Grade 5 class, and Sarah Weatherby’s Grade 6 class. Pam started with the primary class, where the students worked en francais, to make their very own Draft Snakes-reusing old odd socks they had brought in from home, and stuffing them with old flyers Pam had brought in. When they were all done making their snakes, and Pam asked them where they should put their snakes, the kids knew to put them by the  window/la fenêtre, or the bottom of their door/leur porte! Draft snakes are a great way to divert textile waste from the landfill, while keeping those chilly, energy-sucking drafts at bay! 

While visiting the older students at AGB, students got to learn about energy and how we can use less to be more energy efficient! Using the energy meters, students got to test common devices, to see how much energy they consume! The following day had Pam visiting both G. R. Saunders Elementary School in Stellarton, and Dr. W. A. MacLeod Consolidated School in Riverton. Students at G. R. Saunders are working hard and focusing on reducing their waste with the help of the 3R’s, and Mrs. Jen Dusconi even has vermicomposting worms in her Grade 6 classroom. What a great way to minimize food waste and have healthy soil for gardening with the worm castings!

While visiting the Grades 5 and 6 classes at Dr. W. A., students tested out the hairdryer with Pam’s energy meter, they were shocked to see it uses well over 1,200 Watts! One of their teachers, Ms. Hudry, told her students how she used to use the hairdryer every single day, but since seeing how much energy they use during past Green Schools NS presentations, she’s cut that down to only about once a week! That’s a great way we can all be #EnergyEfficient, and Ms. Hudry is leading her students by example! 

Green Schools NS Engagement Officers are currently visiting schools across the province. If you’d like for them to visit your school, contact your EO ASAP because times are filling up! Better yet, book a virtual engagement with your EO. This requires no travel and provides an opportunity to present different green lessons! 

Pam Chandler

Engagment Officer


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