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Full House at Cavalier Drive School!

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This week we had a full day of engagements with classes at Cavalier Drive School in Lower Sackville. Our goal at Green Schools is to serve the school to the best of our ability. Cavalier Drive is new to the Green Schools roster so we took the opportunity to give them a big warm welcome by seeing every class. Ruvi visited the English-language classes and Kelsey visited the French Immersion classes while Olga Lucía helped all around on Monday, December 10th.

With the holidays approaching, we discussed the importance of wasting less energy at home. The younger grades explored 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh. Students did the actions along with the book to mimic the choices we can make to waste less such as turning off the water when we brush your teeth, making our toys out of recycled materials, or using LED light bulbs for our Christmas decorations.

“I will try to spend more time with my family this holiday instead of playing my video games. They are not so bad.”
~Grade 3 student at Cavalier Drive School

In upper elementary classes, we had discussions about the fact that coal is Nova Scotia’s main source of power. Students understood the connection between our energy sources and our environmental footprint, so the advantages of wasting less energy every day were clear, and it was exciting to hear that renewable energy is the future. We tested our festive strings of lights using an energy meter and calculated the difference in consumption between using incandescent lights and LED holiday lights. We discussed how energy efficiency is the first way to protect our planet and save money.

“What?? My mom is the reason we have no savings because she blow-dries her hair every day for an hour!”
~Grade 4/5 student at Cavalier Drive School

It was a pleasure to visit over 370 students and learn together last Monday. Delivering the Green Schools NS program to both the French Immersion and English classes on the same day was special for our team, too! It’s not every day that we have three team members available in a school at once. The energy in the classrooms at Cavalier Drive School was lively and positive. We loved visiting the newest member of our Green Schools community!

~Kelsey Brasil, Engagement Officer/Agente d’engagement

Curriculum links and lesson plans for the "10 Things I Can Do To Help My World" publisher, Scholastic Canada Ltd

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