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“Future” Podcast Series: Where Curiosity Meets Sustainability!

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Introducing the Future podcast series – where inspiration meets curiosity! Join us on this captivating journey as we explore exciting topics that ignite passion and curiosity for a sustainable future. Get ready for thought-provoking conversations and empowering insights! 

Our inspiring FUTURES podcast series is aimed at students in grades 6+. Our “Little FUTURES” is a shorter episode aimed at lower elementary students.

Listen in as we connect with remarkable individuals who are shaping a greener tomorrow:

“little FUTURES” – Dalhousie Coop Students, Adam & Russell: Unleash the ideas and curiosity of young minds as they share their unique perspectives on sustainability and their exciting experiences in the field.

Kris Humphreys – NSCC Faculty in Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology and Coyote Enthusiast: Dive into the inspiring journey of Kris Humphreys, an expert in energy sustainability and a passionate advocate for environmental conservation.

“little FUTURES” – Energy questions from kids answered by NSCC faculty member Kris Humphreys: Curious about energy-related questions? Join us as Kris Humphreys answers the burning questions of young minds, fostering their knowledge and passion for a sustainable future.

Joe Richard – Solar Energy Project Manager for Connect Atlantic Utility Services: Gain valuable insights into the world of solar energy with Joe Richard as he shares his expertise and highlights the transformative power of renewable resources.

Tune in to the Future podcast series and let your curiosity soar as we shape a brighter and more sustainable future together!

This podcast series is made possible by Efficiency Nova Scotia, committed to energy efficiency and a greener future. 

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