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G. R. Saunders Elementary School got energized with Green Schools!

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G. R. Saunders Elementary School in Stellarton recently got energized with Green Schools!

Mrs. Jennifer Dusconi’s wing of 102 students from Grades 2 and 3 were attentive and had some great questions and stories about the energy presentation Engagement Officer Pam did for them.

During the presentation, three Grade 3 students volunteered to help show the other students how to make a Draft Snake, so students could make their own back in their classrooms. After the energy presentation, Pam read “10 Things I Can Do To Help My World” to the students, while they sat and listened to the story.

At the end of the presentation, all 102 students received their Green Prize, a Green Schools stamp, as they headed back to their classrooms. The class was also given an energy meter and a power strip of their own, so they can use them around the school to reduce the school’s energy consumption.

After the entire engagement, students had a better understanding of energy and why it’s important to conserve this resource in our daily lives!

What a lovely group of students, thanks G. R. Saunders!

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