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G.R. Saunders Elementary School Nutrients for Life follow-up!

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Engagement Officer Tabitha Coleman visited G.R. Saunders Elementary School earlier this month to meet with the Grade 3 class as a follow-up to Tamara Sealy’s Nutrients for Life visit!

During Tamara’s visit the week before she spoke of healthy soil and what things help make healthy soil. During this time she brought up the fact that worms are a wonderful contributing organism to healthy soil. At that time it was discussed that they could use some help in setting up a classroom worm compost bin.

Tabitha began by reading to the class “Wiggling Worms at Work” by Wendy Pfeffer and illustrated by Steve Jenkins. Wendy’s book tells how worms are nature’s plows, and jow worms eat fungi and mold. Worms slurp the hairlike strands of mold the same way humans might slurp strands of spaghetti!

After that it was time to get our hands dirty with worms and castings! Awesome vermicomposting G.R. Saunders!

For more worm facts visit:

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