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Going green with the Brookhouse Elementary Bees!

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The Brookhouse Elementary Bees Grade 6s have learned about electricity in their class this year. But they also learned about renewable and non-renewable energy sources and the connection between wasting electricity and how that is expensive and has negative environmental impacts. Engagement Officer Anna-Sarah Eyrich visited the school to continue talking with students about energy and electricity. When she was there she checked out the school’s dashboard and some of the awesome bulletin board with student artwork.

The students are concerned about the environment and about climate change. So much so that they wrote letters about their concerns and hopes to their East Dartmouth Member of the Legislative Assembly. 
The students also know things that they can do each and every day to save energy and help save the planet and how they can encourage others to do the same. If that didn’t brighten up your day, consider this, the students are also planting flowers around their school to make the grounds more colourful and beautiful and also provide a space for animals and pollinators! This is just one more example of how students all over the province are taking a lead and are making the world a better place one action at a time.

Way to BEE green Brookhouse Elementary! 

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