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Green Careers and Climate Reality Collab

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Last week we engaged with grade 10 classes at JL Ilsley in collaboration with Climate Reality leader Lyle Goldberg.

November 21 marked the day of 24 Hours of Reality – Truth in Action. An initiative hosted by Climate Reality where leaders all over the world delivered presentations on climate change and solutions for our future. Overall, there were over 1700 presentations worldwide and we were 1/ out of 85 of the engagements held in Canada.

Lyle took the stage and presented to the students on the topic and how it relates to Nova Scotia. Together we presented on energy solutions to guide us to a sustainable future— focussing on renewable resources and energy efficiency.

Green Schools presented on green careers. Kelsey led the group through a guided meditation, imagining our lives 10 years from now. We walked through a typical workday in 2029. The goal was to have students imagine their future careers while guided through their day. Kelsey listed off skills and interests and students sat in silence and reflected on what connected to them.

Students reported back that they were surprised by where they lived and what careers they had chosen. Next, students were asked to scan the bingo sheets filled with skills and interests scattered around the classroom and find the best fitting sheet.

Students flipped over the bingo sheets and found a local professional that currently has a job that fulfills all the interests and skills the students were interested in.

The group learned about job options they never knew existed. One student was especially excited about the solar industry, another couldn’t believe you could be an environmental technician.

We had a wonderful time connecting with the students and presenting them with potential green futures.

~ Kelsey Brasil

Engagement Officer

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