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Green happenings at L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom (LSK) School

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Engagement Officer Pam visited LSK School on November 4th, with the Green Schools NS Program Manager, Olga Lucia Torres. 

LSK has been doing green initiatives for a long time. Last May, the Grade 1 students did an “Elephant Through Energy Workshop,” learning about circuits, electricity and more! 

The school also completed a Pollinator Action Project last spring, with workshops that (re)opened the concept of netukulimk, while learning about pollinators as the thread that connects plants to each other, and the quality of that fabric enabling communities to benefit from plants and their many resources, without disturbing those species. The school has a rain barrel set up to provide water for their school gardens. 

While visiting the school, Pam and Olga met with the Grade 4-6, and 7-8 students after lunch. The students got to learn about energy, and how we can make some small changes in our daily lives to waste less energy. When Pam and Olga asked the students what resources we use to produce energy in Nova Scotia, the students named only renewable sources-wind, sun, etc. It’s terrific that students today see renewable energy being generated all around our province! 

The students noted that turning out the lights when you leave a room, using natural sunlight, and unplugging our devices are just a few easy energy-saving tricks. For some more green tips and tricks, check out our video Sammy Sasquatch.

LSK is installing an environmentally conscious mindset in their students and community, which will help us all to have a more sustainable future. We can all make some small changes for greener communities and greener Nova Scotia. 


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