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Green Heroes at Cabot Education Centre!!

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We have more Green Heroes from Cabot Education Centre! Except that this time we are highlighting the entire Cabot Earth Club.

Cabot Education Earth Club is a mix of students between grades 6-9. The club is almost completely student-led and their initiative is to promote a healthy earth by modeling, informing and self-educating. 

Check out the write-up that the founder of the Earth Club wrote!

“We educate fellow students about what is happening to our earth and what can be done to help save it.  We did a few garbage clean-ups in our schoolyard, we raised money to plant trees by getting businesses to donate something for a basket that we sold tickets on, we did a poster contest and posted all of the submissions on a wall to inspire others, and we put up a more organized method of sorting garbage, recycling, and compost.  We plan to create an earth mural on one of the walls in our school to show what a healthy earth looks like, we are hoping to go on a guided hike to learn about the biodiversity in the area with Parks Canada, and in the spring, we plan to plant the trees that we raised money for last year in our schoolyard. ”- Dakota Randell, Club Founder.

It’s so inspiring to see all the great things Cabot’s Earth club is up to. And we at Green Schools are so thankful to have the opportunity to be part of their hard work by doing some fun engagements together.

Thank you for sharing your story, Cabot Education Centre Earth Club! You’re all doing amazing and meaningful work up! 

If you know a Green Hero in your school or community, nominate them by emailing us at! We love to share their stories and inspire energy-saving change within our beautiful province!

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