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GREEN HEROES Justin & Joel – Winding River Consolidated

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Please join us in acknowledging these GREEN HEROES from Winding River Consolidated in Stewiacke! Joel (grade 1) and Justin (grade 3) were nominated for taking initiative and picking up the waste others chose to leave around the community near their camp – they collected OVER 3 BAGS! 

These cousins spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors together and obviously take pride in keeping our environment clean! Plus, they were using their bikes to get around – an excellent way to reduce their Eco Footprint! 

Stay tuned! We will be interviewing Joel and Justin on our podcast in the New Year! We can’t wait to hear all of the other ways they make a difference! 

We are so proud of the GREEN initiatives by the youth in our province. If you have a GREEN HERO you would like to nominate, click here! 

Here is a little more info about Joel & Justin:

  1. Joel is in Mrs. Morin’s Grade 1 class at Winding River Consolidated
  2. Justin is in Sonja Higgin’s Grade 3 class at winding river
  3.  They are cousins who spend a lot of time together at their camps in Mooseland, Nova Scotia
  4.  They spend a lot of time exploring the outdoors together – fishing, biking, swimming, sledding, berry picking, snowmobiling, and more!
  5.  One Saturday down at the camp, they decided to get on their bikes and ride through the village of Mooseland to pick up the garbage and recyclables along the ditches and through the trails in the woods. They came back with over 3 bags.
  6.  They plan to do this on a regular basis.

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