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Green School A Tiny Lab for Learning celebrated 2nd birthday!

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A Tiny Lab for Learning, an early learning sanctuary nestled in the heart of Halifax, celebrated its second anniversary at the end of June. Don’t be fooled by its name, the Tiny Lab community from owner Jillian Farris to staff, children and parents, are doing big things to foster a well-rounded healthy environment in every sense of the word. Nothing has been overlooked!

What do we mean? Well, it started with the building. It was renovated for energy efficiency and uses eco-friendly and natural materials whenever possible. They make an effort to limit plastic in the school and use natural materials like wood or fibre whenever possible – be it for toys, utensils, materials, etc. They have large energy efficient windows that allow lots of light in to keep the many plants that adorn the interior lush and green. The plants, the low VOC paint and the ventilation system all contribute to high indoor air quality and helps keep young brains refreshed and in tip top condition!

Not only do the bodies and brains have a comfortable space and fresh air, but they are nourished with delicious local, seasonal and organic food. They make an effort to support local farmers and businesses whenever possible.

Inside, the students learn all sorts of fun things and get to experiment and make things from upcycling and recycling materials. Outside, they started to weave together willow trees and the students planted seeds that they watered and watch grow. The water, by the way, often comes from their roof top water collection system. Pretty cool, right?

Want to learn more? Check them out online and you can follow them on Instagram or Twitter


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