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Green Schools Engagement Officer Pam gets energy efficient at home!

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Dear Santa,

Please put Green Schools Engagement Officer Pam on your nice list – she is doing her part to waste less and be more energy efficient! Read on for a detailed account of how easy it is to make your home energy efficient at no charge!

Pam had Trinity Maintenance Solutions, a partner of Efficiency Nova Scotia, visit her home yesterday. Efficiency NS provides home installations of LED lightbulbs, low-flow shower heads, LED night lights, hot water tank blankets, and more at no charge!

Trinity is the local partner for the Pictou and Colchester County regions, and Trinity installer Stuart was great to deal with. He explained how the program works, there is no charge to Nova Scotians as Efficiency NS funds the program, and by having more energy efficient products in Nova Scotian homes, the province as a whole can save energy, while saving money, and helping the environment. Pam had just bought her house, and wanted to make it as energy efficient as possible, and this service was a big help!

Scheduling the installation appointment was incredibly easy. Pam just had to call the toll free Efficiency Nova Scotia phone number, which is 1-877-999-6035. From there she had to select which region she lived in, and was forwarded to Trinity, where Angela helped her to find an available time that worked with her schedule. Pam was able to book an appointment less than a week away, it was so quick!

Stuart showed up promptly at the agreed time. He explained the program and the great benefits it has, for homeowners, and for the province. All that was needed was the homeowner’s Nova Scotia Power Account Number, which can easily be found listed on a power bill, and also on NS Power’s online account. Easy enough!

Stuart first went around the house and replaced all of the older, incandescent light bulbs with new LED bulbs, all of which take only 9W, but provide the same amount of light as a 60W incandescent bulb. The bathroom vanity alone required four light bulbs. The old ones were all 60W, so with four of them that was 240W per hour – thats a lot of watts! Now, with four 9W LED bulbs, it requires only 36W per hour, that’s 85% fewer watts in the bathroom alone!

After replacing the light bulbs, Stuart replaced the old, inefficient shower head with a brand new, low-flow shower head. Using less hot water than the old shower head, this will save energy by needing to heat less water! Stuart also checked for leaks in the faucets, and replaced the faucet head with a low-flow one, which will also save hot water and energy.

Stuart also provided Pam with a sensored LED night light, which is great for lighting hallways at night. A traditional night light uses approximately 7W, while these new LED night lights use only 0.7W, thats 90% less energy than the incandescent bulbs!

Stuart also took the time to inspect the hot water tank. It was actually from 1999, and will be replaced in the spring with other required upgrades. If a hot water tank is less than 10 years old, Efficiency Nova Scotia will wrap it for you, which can provide anywhere from $27-$90 in savings every year. Stuart kindly explained where this was an older tank it couldn’t be wrapped, but when Pam does install a new one she can give them a quick call and they will wrap the new tank for her!

These are only some of the great resources that Efficiency Nova Scotia provides to homeowners. They also provide instant savings on energy efficient products, such as LED bulbs, several times a year, making them more attainable for Nova Scotians.

When Nova Scotians collectively use less energy, they all save money on their power bills, while also helping to protect their environment, and creating a better quality of life for all. Efficiency Nova Scotia helps to create jobs, boost the economy, inspire innovation, and more for Nova Scotia. They can also provide subsidized home energy assessments, providing homeowner’s information on how to make their home more energy efficient, and what changes will get the best returns. They can help with insulating basements and attics, and so much more.

If you haven’t already called Efficiency Nova Scotia, do it now! There is no charge, only takes a few minutes, and will help you to be more energy efficient, which benefits us all. With this great service available to you, why wouldn’t you call right away? You’ve got nothing to lose, but lots to gain!

Efficiency Nova Scotia phone number: 1-877-999-6035

Efficiency Nova Scotia website:

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