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Green Schools Nova Scotia goes to VibeTalk in Liverpool

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Green Schools Nova Scotia and Natalie McMaster our Engagement Officer was invited to participate at Vibetalks!. Vibetalks is a partnership between the Region of Queens and QCCR, the local community radio station, to promote what Queens County has to offer. VibeTalks stand for VIBRANT talks by VIBRANT people about VIBRANT aspects of our community and their goal is to start conversations, connect people, spread the word, gauge public opinion, raise awareness and get people jazzed about our community.  Is a great opportunity for the community is to see impactful visuals to go with the words of a speaker, and Vibetalks offer a different experience to those that attend.

Natalie was very excited to share Green Schools Nova Scotia vision, a tour through the website, stories, and successes with the audience.  Natalie focused on projects from the three local schools, Dr. JC Wickwire, South Queens Middle School and Liverpool Rural High School. The Q&A session provided a good opportunity to talk about Efficiency Nova Scotia programs that are available to all Nova Scotians. The audience was very keen to hear about what the local schools were doing and to contact Efficiency NS, to start #WastingLess energy and money every day.





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