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Green Schools NS first ever Sparks engagement!

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Engagement Officer Natalie spent an hour with seven Sparks in Liverpool this week! This was the first of three sessions where the young Sparks will be working toward their Exploring and Experimenting Badge with Natalie.

This first session they discussed what exploring and experimenting means and how much fun it is to explore and experiment! They talked about what being “green” means and how taking care of the earth is important and can be fun too. They learned what “efficient” means and linked it to using energy efficiently in their homes. One way to use energy efficiently in their home is to keep “the cold air out” and “the warm air in”.

They got to feel this firsthand when Natalie altered the door seal on the Guide Hall on the very cold winter night, and they were very excited to make and personalize their very own draft snake. They took great care to add lots of patterns and colors! The Sparks were sent off with the task of exploring how many windows are in their houses and asking the question which windows are “drafty” or letting the  “the cold air in” and “the warm air out”. After their little draft searching experiment they were asked to place their draft snake on the “draftiest” window in their house. We’re looking forward to finding out their results in our next session!

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