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Green Schools NS first ever virtual engagement at West Pictou Consolidated!

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Big news for Green Schools Nova Scotia! We had our very first virtual engagement at West Pictou Consolidated School yesterday, Thursday, October 13th! Engagement Officer Pam was displayed on the big screen via the internet using the overhead projector, and Green Team Leader Madame (Brandie) Brown had her class of 25 Grade 4s on her iPad’s camera, enabling communication and video interaction to go both ways. The engagement focused on habitats and energy, and featured a reading of “Wiggling Worms at Work.” The kids were excited, engaged and well-behaved for their first virtual engagement!

Why virtual engagements? In an effort to waste less and be more green, we are taking advantage of technology this year! Instead of an Engagement Officer driving long distances alone in a car to visit a school and then drive all the way back, now we are able to join a class, assembly or school virtually, saving energy, time and creating less pollution!

During the engagement, students had great answers for all the questions Pam asked them (i.e. Why are plants important? They provide food!). The presentation included a nine minute video on ecosystems ( The kids loved the antics in the video!

Green Schools Program Coordinator Tabitha Coleman helped by bringing vermicomposting worms for the class (as requested by Brandie aka Madame Brown), giving out Green Schools stamps, stickers, pencils and other goodies, all while taking photos and videos and engaging with the students herself!

By the end the kids were so enthusiastic they wouldn’t put down the iPad to get ready for the bus!

West Pictou is also having a Halloween Costume Swap today, and Pam will pop in virtually to say hello and see their great finds (and maybe wear a costume of her own)!

Here’s a couple of fun worm facts to leave you with!

Did you know that earthworms don’t have any lungs?! They breathe through their skin!

Did you know that an earthworm is both male and female at the same time?

Thanks West Pictou and Madame Brown for an awesome first virtual engagement, and for being a part of this Green Schools milestone! Stay tuned for more virtual engagements coming throughout the year!

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