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Green Schools NS went to the Growing Green Festival!

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Green Schools was proud to take part in the Growing Green Festival in Bridgewater on Friday, September 16th.

We were part of the Earth Savers of Tomorrow, where over 1000 students from the South Shore Regional School Board attended!

Students and staff had the opportunity to engage in energy related activities throughout their visit. Green Schools ran an Energy Bingo activity, teaching the importance of becoming energy efficient to help planet earth. The festival created a fun board game called Energize Bridgewater for students too. And every student that visited our booth left with a green prize, a Green Schools stamp!

Midday everyone visiting, and everyone providing an activity at the Earth Savers of Tomorrow, took a short break to recreate the LaHave River to simulate the flow of healthy clean water and contaminated water. Lots of good healthy energy being used for this activity, and thanks to Stella Bowles for your courage and inspiration! To learn more about Stella visit LaHave River: Stella’s Science Project (

Thanks Growing Green Festival and town of Bridgewater, we had an awesome time!

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