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Green Schools Welcomes you back to School

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We cannot believe the summer is already over! We hope all our Green Schools’ youth were able to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and enjoy all the amazing natural resources our province has to offer. 

Now that school is back, we here at Green Schools would like to propel you back into the new year with some tips on how you can have a greener school year. 

Do you need new clothes because you realise you grew an inch taller over the summer?? We have so many second hand stores here in our province, and you can find some really good quality clothing in them. Getting clothes from second hand stores ensures that less clothes end up in landfills, and clothes have a longer life span. 

How about trying a litterless lunch? A litterless lunch is all about avoiding waste with your packed lunches. This could involve carrying reusable containers, and having foods that do not have too much packaging. 

Start the year off with a pledge to use less energy in your classroom, by attempting either a Lights of Monday or Phantom Friday campaign.  Schools use a lot of electric energy and some of it is wasted when we leave things plugged in when not in use, or when the lights are left on. 

Still unsure of where to begin, in making your classroom or school a little more efficient? Check out our Getting started with Energy Action Plan that will help direct you onto the right path. 

Green Schools will continue to provide support to schools across the province on how we can be a more sustainable and energy efficient area. Feel free to contact your Engagement Officer anytime to book your engagements for this year.

~ Ruvi Mugara

Project Coordinator

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