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Green Schools young learners!

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Last week, I had the opportunity to visit my youngest group of learners yet! I spent the morning at Atlantic Montessori School, engaging with the Toddler (18 month-3 years) and Casa (3-6 years) groups to explore ways we can protect our earth by saving energy.

With winter around the corner and the cool breeze coming, the Casa group was super intrigued by the homemade draft snake I brought in.  We named him Charlie and I explained how he could help us save energy by living along closed windows and doors. The group thought it was amazing that they could be energy heroes at their homes by simply making their own draft snakes. We scheduled another visit to create these awesome draft snakes soon. 

With the Toddler group, we all sat in a circle and used an LED bulb as a talking piece.  One by one we shared our names and our favourite thing to do outside! We learned about all the energy that was being used in the room, and the ways they were already saving energy by turning off the lights and opening the blinds. When I asked the group, “What are we using for light right now?”, they noticed the lights were off, they looked outside and together everyone yelled “ THE SUN!”. I held up the LED again and asked the young learners,”What is this called again?” waiting to hear the group yell “LIGHT BULB”, a very enthusiastic student yells “MEAT BALL!”. 

It was such a pleasure connecting with young bright minds, and even at 18 months seeing the wheels turning on how we can save energy. Eventually we got the lingo down and we all learned that we can turn off the lights and use the sun to save energy.

Kelsey Brasil


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