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Greener Girl Guides: Joining the 2017 Provincial Guiders Conference!

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Green Schools Nova Scotia was invited to lead a session at the Girl Guides of Nova Scotia Bi-Annual Training Conference that took place in Halifax at the end of November. At this conference we had approximately 20 women attend our session, “Learning Energy Efficiency to Help the Earth.”

Guide leaders learned about the many opportunities they have to incorporate environmental education activities and initiatives for their Girl Guide groups, from Sparks to Rangers and beyond! Any branch of Guides can access activities and support packages to suit any age through Green Schools Nova Scotia. Our free program provides resources for everyone to learn about the importance of reducing energy consumption and helping the Earth.

There are many connections that can be made between energy efficiency and the different experiences that participants of the Girl Guides program may have. We discussed that we become more aware of our energy consumption when camping: suddenly, electricity and water are no longer instantly accessible. It is in these moments that energy efficient practices become noticeable, and at times, crucial. For example, you may have a limited supply of wood to use when keeping a fire going. You will want the process of boiling water for the meal you are trying to prepare to happen as quickly as possible. Ensuring a lid is on top of the pot is a necessary step to make this happen while conserving fuel. We can reduce our energy consumption like this anytime, not only when camping. We can make conservation choices every day!

Girl Guides don’t just use a local view, they also take on an international perspective. When we talked to the Girl Guide leaders about the Green Schools pillar of Using Water Responsibly, they were quick to identify the importance of this issue for all people and all life. Water is a critical resource that we often take for granted here in Canada. With important activities such as the Water Footprint Support Package, it becomes clear just how much we can do to reduce our consumption. All of the pillars of Green Schools represent important, interdependent values that demonstrate the importance of reducing human impact on the Earth. 

We are looking forward to all the ways we can work with the Girl Guides of Nova Scotia in the future and can’t wait to see all the ways these Guides learn to waste less!  

~Amber McMunn
Engagement Officer

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