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Grosvenor Wentworth Park Elementary School Eco-kids!

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Mrs Frith and Mrs MacFarlane’s group of 20 Eco-kids dabbled in all sorts of green issues this year, including waste and recycling, climate change, energy and electricity, upcycling and food.

When Green Schools visited, the student expressed their love for a range of wild animals and played animal charades where they had to silently act out the animals, where they live, how they behave, and what they like to eat. The other students had to guess the animal that was being acted out. There were some great representations, for example a student pretended to be a wriggling multi-limbed octopus! We’re giving you a leg up, keep an eye out for the newest Octopi Dance trend and let us know if you “sea” it.

In the spring the Eco-kids planted their own vegetable seeds and watched them grow. This complemented activities with their classroom teachers, where they learned about the life cycle of plants, participated in the NASA tomatosphere project, and raised butterflies. The group will celebrate their achievements and hard work with a picnic outdoors before the students break for summer. The students also shared a number of great ways they will continue to be green throughout the summer. Do you want to stay cool and green this summer too? It is easy, check out these 10 ways!…

Finally, the students will also say bye this year to Mrs. Frith and Mrs. MacFarlane who are moving on to other schools next year. Thank you for all your great work!

Below are some photos of the school’s energy dashboard to show how much energy the school is using and saving!

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