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Growing Up Green at Baddeck Academy

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The grade one class at Baddeck Academy had a visit from Shandel Brown before the end of school this year. The students were really pumped to see their Engagement Officer and to learn about saving energy! How can your fridge save energy? And how does a flower grow? These are just some of the activities Shandel and the grade one students shared together with their teacher.

These students had planted sunflower seeds and watched them grow. They even transplanted these beauties into their school garden to give them more room to grow, more sunlight, and to be enjoyed by more people. This class is so green, they even compost their waste by caring for a vermicompost bin in their classroom. That means worms eat all their vegetable scraps and turn them into rich compost for the garden. 

The students took a trip to the staff room where they found two fridges! How much energy is each of these appliances consuming? The energy meter can show you! Shandel helped the students see how energy use can be monitored to find out if this is an Energy Monster. Using the Monster Appliance activity resources from Green Schools NS, the students tested the two fridges for energy efficiency. These curious young folks made sure the door seals didn’t let the cold air leak, and that the temperature inside wasn’t set too cold. These are great ways to waste less energy! Baddeck Academy can keep track of the Earth-friendly habits in their community using their new Growth Chart to track their achievements, like investigating Energy Monsters.

Thanks for all the great work, grade ones! You are doing awesome things for the Earth! 

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