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Happy Goats!

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Cambridge and District Elementary School is doing their part to waste less! This year they have started to make big changes in their school kitchen. First, they replaced all the single-use styrofoam containers with reusable plastic containers. Then they also purchased reusable plastic sandwich containers to replace all the ziplock bags they were using to package their sandwiches. They then looked at how they were cooking their foods and the lunch lady now makes a large pot of soup and chilli once a month and divides it into reusable containers to freeze. She is not only saving time but also energy by cooking in bulk!

The final initiative has been going on for years but is an ecological way to reuse their food waste. They keep a bucket outside the front door labelled ‘Happy Goats’. Compost from the kitchen and breakfast club is collected in small buckets that are dumped into the buckets outside. They do not use the compost from the classrooms for fear of contamination of non-food waste. A local family with goats, and students at the school, collect the bucket at the end of the day to feed the goats. They then return the empty bucket to the school the following morning and do it all over again. The goats are very happy about this green initiative at Cambridge and District Elementary School!

Awesome waste less initiatives, and we look forward to their next waste less project which will be a litterless lunch day!

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