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How much energy does a soda machine waste?

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Does your school have vending machines? Many schools are obliged through contracts to have vending machines, but how much energy do they use and how can we make them more efficient? Andrew asked Umbra these questions and the answers could be useful to you and your schools.

Vending machines could use anything from 2,500 to 5,690 kWh of energy per year, which translates to 3,025 all the way to 12,347 pounds of carbon emissions per year…. One audit found that vending machines¬†use considerably more power than copiers, water coolers, coffee machines, and regular old refrigerators.

What can you do?

1) Lobby those responsible to obtain the most efficient machines possible. (Energy star appliances, they use 40% less energy than non-starred items!)

2) Occupancy sensors in the machine

3) Delamp – turn off the machine’s lights!

4) Place it in the shade, out of direct sunlight

5) Turn it off when no one is in the building (night times, weekends, holidays) or attach it to a timed powerbar

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