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Impacting others – Michael MacDonald

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This week’s #GreenHero is a grade 12 individual from Dalbrae Academy, named Michael MacDonald. This superstar is very passionate about taking care of the environment, and his absolute favorite thing to do at home and at school is recycle. He understands that there is too much garbage that ends up in our Nova Scotia landfills, and that all it takes is making an effort to learn about how to separate our garbage correctly. Michael also takes great pride a turning off the lights in the classrooms before leaving. He always checks that there is no one currently in the room, and then shuts the power off, in order to reduce the amount of energy the school is using. 

His teacher, Wendy MacIntyre wrote to us and told us, “Michael does all the recycling at our school. He collects all the recycling and He washes out all the bottles and takes off all the bottle caps. Michael takes great pride in his work and he does a great job! He really makes a difference in our school by doing this.” 

This links back to being energy efficient, as it takes a lot of energy to create these bottles and distribute them around our province. Just by doing this, Michael is reducing not only his, but the carbon footprints of many of his school mates, and we are sure the school appreciates his input! 


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