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Inspiring Green Careers Journey at West Northfield Elementary! 

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Discovering Green Careers with EO Katie and Mr. Millett’s Grade 5/6 Class!

On Thursday, Nov 30th, our EO, Katie, brought the excitement of Green Careers to West Northfield Elementary School! In Mr. Millett’s Grade 5/6 class, students delved into the fascinating world of careers that focus on environmental sustainability.

The session went beyond traditional learning—it became an adventure with a Kahoot challenge! Who said learning can’t be fun? The interactive Kahoot! The challenge not only fostered engagement but also made the entire educational experience memorable for the students.

At Green Schools NS, we believe it’s never too early to plant the seeds of eco-consciousness. This session showcased that Green Careers are not just jobs; they’re pathways to a sustainable and exciting future. Let’s continue nurturing young minds to become the environmental leaders of tomorrow!

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