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Integrating initiatives at Forest Ridge Academy

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Green Teams take many different forms depending on the school and year. After their Green Team leader moved to a different school this year, Forest Ridge Academy decided to have one team that combined their initiatives with Health Promoting Schools, Me to We and Green Schools Nova Scotia. With goals of wellness and nutrition, it is easy to come up with some combined initiatives. Examples from this fall include: cleaning up their garden and getting it ready for the winter; collecting for We Scare Hunger; upcycling for a local Trash to Treasure Event, and taking care of the school plants in their common areas. They also hosted a Family Wellness Night, where litterless lunches were discussed and each family in attendance left with a reusable lunch bag and containers!

During the holiday season the school, in collaboration with their SAC and Home and School, hosted a Giving of Season event. Donations of ‘stuff’ that families no longer needed were sent in to the school and students then bought gifts for their families. Gifts were wrapped in reused paper and bags, which provided mportant lessons of reusing and reducing.  

Great job Forest Ridge Academy for integrating green initiatives into the other ​​initiatives you do!

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