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It’s never too early to learn about #EnergyEfficiency!

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A recent visit to Small World Learning Centre was a great learning experience for everyone, including Engagement Officer Marlène Le Bel. The whole schoolyard has many trees and fun natural play structures such as a small yellow boat used as a sandbox, some wooden stumps, a kid-sized cabin, a greenhouse, and even gardens. What a great learning environment!

This preschool group learned many simple ways to #WasteLess, such as using both sides of a piece of paper to help our forests. Students got excited to be energy efficient at school when the teacher chose good listeners to label their classroom light switch with a reminder: Turn off the lights! These students were all great listeners, and learned to #WasteLess energy at home too by asking their parents to unplug devices and chargers, and to dry their clothes and hair naturally. That’s a simple way to help the Earth! 

When Marlène asked students to bring their hands close to an LED light bulb and incandescent light bulb, they quickly learned that cold light bulbs use less energy, and warm light bulbs use more! When asked to guess which light bulb uses less energy, they guessed right away and they were right! The LED lightbulb!

Before doing the draft snake activity, the students came to the window to feel for drafts of cold air. Marlène asked the children about staying warm in the winter: “How we can keep the energy inside?” and they quickly replied: “Shut the window!” After placing a draft snake on the window ledge, the children began to understand why this energy-saving craft is called a “Draft Snake.” 

For the first time, Marlene had the pleasure of teaching these children the Electric Dance! Marlène and the preschoolers invented some cool energy-saving dance moves such as “turn off the lights”! What a great way to get energized! These children really know how to move to the sound of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.

Green Schools preschoolers learned all kinds of green vocabulary today: reuse, energy, LED lights, and draft snake. Before leaving the classroom, Marlène’s group of preschoolers ran to the light switch and asked the teacher if they could turn off the lights!

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