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John W MacLeod Fleming Tower Elementary is green and clean!

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Ms. Whalen’s Primary class at John W MacLeod Fleming Tower Elementary kept busy all year, which included spending time around Earth Day learning about ways to help the earth!

Ms. Whalen invited Green Schools in for some activities before the school year ended. During the visit, students shared things they already do at home and at school to be greener. They read Melanie Walsh’s “10 Things I Can Do To Help My World”, which includes helpful hints like turning off lights and televisions to save electricity, turning off the tap when brushing teeth, cleaning up litter, sorting trash, minimizing car use, upcycling and planting seeds.

The students already knew all about planting seeds and plant growth. They recently planting their own bean seeds, which they watered and cared for and watched grow. They even knew the parts of a plant in French and in English!

The second part of the visit was an outdoor scavenger hunt. The students worked in teams to find as many of the things on their list as possible, and to not disturb any living things in the process. They found almost everything on the list, even a rock that looked like a heart! They also picked up a lot of litter, leaving the grounds much cleaner than when they found them.

They concluded by talking about what they are doing this summer to continue to be green machines! Great work boys and girls!

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