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John W MacLeod Fleming Tower School’s ways to help the Earth!

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Students at John W MacLeod Fleming Tower School in Grades Primary to 2 welcomed Green Schools to spend a day at their school talking to students about ways to help the Earth!

The students at John W MacLeod Fleming Tower Schools care greatly about the Earth. In addition to being good artists, the students know how we can help the world.

Together, with Engagement Officer Anna-Sarah Eyrich they discussed ways to save the world and read 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World. Students shared their stories about cleaning up litter, sorting their trash, turning off the lights – even in the classroom when it is a beautiful sunshiny day – and feeding the birds. These students never leave the tap running when they’re brushing their teeth!

The students also learned about energy and got to use the energy meter to experience first hand the differences in electricity use between incandescent and LED bulbs.

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