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Jonah’s Trip to the North-West

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The past few weeks Jonah has had the pleasure of visiting the North-Western areas of Nova Scotia, engaging with students in Oxford, Amherst, Great Village, Truro, Advocate, and beyond. Venturing off the beaten path is always a welcome change from the regular and more congested areas like Halifax and the HRM. Some stand-outs from these trips to the north are of course the constant cliffs of Advocate Harbour, the bird sanctuary just outside of Amherst, and of course the old architecture of the school houses whose insides are complete with totally wooden floors, walls, and basically everything else.

Jonah was also fortunate enough to be able to participate in Oxford Farm Safety Day. Students from all over the area came to learn about farm safety, and at his booth with Alex from Efficiency One Jonah taught the kids about light bulbs, safety, efficiency, and through helping Alex, the best way to squish a grape. Overall the event was a great success, the students were a joy to engage with, and Jonah was able to scoop some serious SWAG in the form of the Oxford Farm Safety Day t-shirt.

That’s all for today, until next time!

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