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Katie’s Sustainable Journey: Energizing Conservation in 2024

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Katie, our dedicated Engagement Officer (EO) residing in the heart of Southern Nova Scotia,she commitment to saving energy over the holidays and into 2024. Let’s delve into Katie’s inspiring journey of energy savings

LED lights: To be used for our holiday lights, in the home, and in the barn to save on energy and cost.  

Spending time outside: Katie goes outside every day even on cold days with her horses (they need to eat too) or walking and exploring local trails.  

Nature: Katie feeds the birds in winter so they will have an easier time nesting in the spring.  And it’s nice to study the several species that visit the feeders each day.  

Wool Felting: Katie loves to wool felt crafts and she uses sheep’s wool (recycling and reusing things) to felt on days, it’s not very nice outside.  

Christmas tree: Katie and her husband have a real balsam fir tree every year for the holidays and when they are done with it, they place the tree into the woods near the bird feeders to be used as shelter for the small animals and birds.  

Outside Holiday arrangement: Every year for the holidays Katie and Daniel’s family make an arrangement using items near their home pine brush, holly berries, gooseberries, and birch tree branches.  

Natural Light-pulling the curtains back, turning lights off and trying to let natural light come into the room as much as possible.  

Turning off lights when not needed. 

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