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Keen and Green at Springvale Elementary

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As you enter Springvale Elementary, you’ll see the Energy Dashboard hung on the wall on your left. It’s a great place to check the pulse of the school! How much electricity is being used at this school? Sometimes that looks like the same amount of energy as it takes to cook 200 pizzas! At Springvale, the Energy Dashboard has an awesome playful frame around it, which makes it look great! Retrofits and renovations have maintained this aging building and continue to keep it running efficiently. Energy Dashboards are often a great place to go to learn about the energy efficiency of your school building. How does your school measure up?

The Springvale Elementary community welcomed Colleen Freake last spring to provide an opportunity to learn about energy and how to help the Earth. First, Ms Christine Trussler invited Colleen to speak to grade ones and twos. These students made great estimates about how much energy is used to light different types of light bulbs, from incandescent to LED. These students learn fast! Great work on making estimates and testing light bulbs!

After recess, Ms Jean Robertson invited Colleen into her grade three class, and the students were really excited! Grade three classes are a fun place to learn and play. We did a few short activities and the highlight was definitely when the students really enjoyed getting their hands on the exciting Green Schools NS materials like diodes and batteries! Learning about electricity is fun, and then you can start learning how and why we need to waste less energy: to help the Earth! 

Springvale Elementary has a great family atmosphere that is really supportive and kind, and that extends to how we care for the Earth. Looking forward to seeing you again this year, Springvale students!

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