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Kenna Britton a Green Hero

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Green Heroes is off to an awesome start! Last week we got to know our first ever Green Hero, and this week the saga continues with another amazing young individual. Her name is Kenna Britton and she is a 5 year old who is already wiser than most! Her dad reached out to us and this is what he had to say about his superstar! 

“Kenna is 5 years old, but has been a “Green Hero” since toddlerhood! Every spring and autumn she leads our family neighbourhood clean-up, and has even inspired her 2 year old brother to pick up litter when he sees it! She enjoys being active outside, and truly loves nature and wants to ensure our environment is cleaner and safer. One of her biggest wishes is that solar electricity becomes more affordable so more people can convert from traditional electricity, and she would ride the bus to and from school everyday if she could, knowing that that would mean one less car on the road!”

We are very impressed that she understands the value of having less vehicles on the road, which leads to less CO2 emissions; an idea that some adults still are yet to grasp! Buses can accommodate more people than cars, and that is how they impact the amount of emissions that go out into our atmosphere. 

We will be sharing some images of Kenna doing great things in and around her community. Look out for her on all of our social media channels.

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