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Learning about sustainable gardening on Seedy Saturday

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On Saturday, February 23rd, the Living Earth Council hosted their annual Seedy Saturday at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre in Truro. Engagement Officer Pam attended and hosted a Green Schools NS table during this event. Seedy Saturday brings together community members who are dedicated to sustainable gardening, and Green Schools NS was delighted to be invited back again to participate in the event.

The Living Earth Council (LEC), is a local organization that encourages local action for a sustainable, productive future for our community, and planet. Every year, they host community events that help enhance sustainable change in Truro and the surrounding communities. Seedy Saturday is one of their main annual events.

Seedy Saturday this year had a variety of workshops, vendors, community tables, and even a Family Activity Corner! Examples of workshops hosted included Raised Bed Gardening with Frank Cochrane and Healing with Mi’kmaq Medicinal Plants with Cheyenne MacDonald. The speakers were from the area and had great knowledge about seeds and gardening to share. Check out the story in the Truro Daily News.

At the event, Green Schools Nova Scotia had a table in the Family Activity Corner, where they engaged with more than 40 local children and adults, showing them how they can be more energy efficient!. Pam had energy meters, to measure the usage of kilowatts electricity of common devices, such lamps with incandescent light bulbs, incandescent mini lights, lamps with LED light bulbs, and others to compare the kilowatts energy used by each item. Pam also brought along activities such as the Electric Lunch, and others.

The children who stopped by were amazed to learn how much energy is used to bring or store some of the food they eat. They were happy to learn that by buying local food, from vendors such as the Truro Farmers’ Market, or growing their own food, they could significantly use less energy! When they buy food locally, it does not require a lot of transportation, storage, or refrigeration, which is better for the food, the consumer, and the planet!

Seedy Saturday is an event that many look forward to each year, and Green Schools NS always enjoy being a part of it, connecting with the community, and working together to #WasteLess every day!


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