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Let’s Limit Litter at Schools Like Bras d’Or Elementary!

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When I ask students, ‘What do you think it means to be a Green School?” the most common reply I hear is “Don’t litter!” However, many teachers say that litter is still a problem on their school grounds.

Teachers and staff at Bras d’Or Elementary were concerned about the amount of litter they were finding in their schoolyard every day after recess. Students were having so much fun running around and enjoying the fresh air that they forgot everything they learned about not littering and helping the Earth. Uh-oh! Rather than letting the litter pile up in the schoolyard, they decided to implement Litterless Recess at their school. That means that students eat their snacks in class before they go outside for recess. Each teacher can choose what time they allow students to eat. Maybe snacking happens during a video they are showing in class, or while they are demonstrating a math concept. After the students have finished their snacks they either put their waste in the classroom garbage or recycling bins or put their reusable containers back in their lunch bags. This way students are learning how to properly sort their waste in the classroom, and then they can run around and play outside, waste-free! Another benefit to having students sit down and eat their snacks in the classroom is that it reduces the temptation for students to run around while they’re eating. Teachers and staff have noticed that Bras d’Or Elementary’s playground is looking cleaner than ever and garbage is ending up where it’s supposed to go.

Once students have mastered sorting their waste properly, the next step is to try to reduce the amount of waste produced from school lunches by encouraging students and their parents to pack litterless lunches! Check out our  Litterless Lunch Slideshow or Wasteless Assessment Support Package for tips on how to start wasting less at your school.

~Shandel Brown
Cape Breton Engagement Officer


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