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Let’s Meet Riley – A Green Hero!

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We head over to Halifax, and a local school called Park West, to get to know Riley Cogswell who is a grade 6 student in Mrs. Whittleton’s class.  

Mrs. Whittleton let us know why Riley is definitely a green hero by saying, “Riley is very passionate about climate change. Every Thursday, she and her Green Team clean the school grounds during recess and lunch. If something is put in the wrong bins in our classroom she will go out of her way to separate everything. She takes time to go from class to class to educate about climate change. Of all the students I have taught in my career, there is no one as deserving as Riley. She has a passion for climate change, drive to make a change and courage to stand up for what’s right.”

We can already see that Riley is a natural born leader as she goes around into other classes to talk to her schoolmates about the importance of caring for our earth. She is making a huge impact on her fellow schoolmates, and helping them learn about what they can do to help our earth. Green Schools always says that every small step matters, so even something as small as unplugging a device once done using it, if done by many people, can make a huge difference in the amount of wasted phantom power.

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