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Let’s talk energy week – February 17-24 – Join the conversation

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Talk Energy Week is a national energy awareness week organized by Let’s Talk Energy, a “national program that aims to enhance energy awareness and literacy among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future.” The week of February 17-24th is devoted to people learning and talking about energy systems, sources, and uses. This week is the biggest campaign in Canada to address and encourage people to think about their energy use. During the week there is various programming available to engage with youth and start conversations with them about energy, climate change, and creating sustainable solutions for the future.

Energy is everywhere and in almost everything we do, making it critical to our way of life. The choices we make about our energy use affect not only our own lives, but that of future generations. This means we need to examine our choices regarding our energy use and ensure we are well informed to create better outcomes.

Let’s Talk Energy wants to help inform students about the importance of their energy choices with the following events:

Livestream panel discussion (Facebook) February 20 at 1:30 p.m. ET

Tune into this Facebook Live event with your class and join Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, solo Arctic explorer Adam Shoalts, and Indigenous renewable energy leader Stacey Goulding for an exciting conversation about energy and climate change in Canada’s northern and Indigenous communities.

Class webinars: Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants (Google Hangouts)

Weekdays during Talk Energy Week 

Register your classroom to join a Google Hangout with professional women in the fields of energy and climate change! Experts in both renewable and non-renewable energy fields will describe their day-to-day work, and discuss Canadian energy sources and uses with students.

Green Schools NS Engagement Officers are available to speak to your students virtually about energy, climate change, ocean issues, and their ecological footprints. If you are interested in one of these presentations for Talk Energy Week, reach out and we can figure out what is best for your classroom. Starting again in mid-March, EO’s will be continuing to offer in-person presentations on energy efficiency. The Resources section of the website is full of support packages, activities, and slideshows to talk to students of all grades about energy and how they can wasteless. Start your students with a Classroom Check and see what they can work on to improve their energy efficiency. Challenge them to become Energy Navigators and hunt for wasted energy. Actions don’t have to be huge to make a big impact. Take small steps throughout the week and as we talk about energy, we can think of all the ways to wasteless of it.

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