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Looking for Green Heroes

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Green Schools is always looking to showcase the amazing schools we visit every single year, and this year we are launching a new pilot project called #CelebratingGreenHeroes! We are looking to celebrate students throughout our Green Schools network that take energy efficiency to another level. These students may practice energy efficient behaviors within the school, advocate for reducing carbon footprints, and/or generate environmental awareness among staff and students. As Green Schools continues to engage more students on the actions they can take to be more efficient with resources, we hope to showcase the Green Heroes who adopt these actions. 

We will be posting stories and sharing all over our social media platforms; facebook, twitter, instagram and here on our website these influential young people as we celebrate what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint and impact our province positively!  Teachers can nominate the students around their school who they feel embrace Green Schools’ teachings to become a Green Hero and this is how a student (or students) can be nominated: 

  1. Let your Engagement Officer know that you have students who you would like to showcase;
  2. Your EO will then share with you a form that you can fill out so we can gather as much information as possible in order to depict all the great work the individuals will be doing; and,
  3. A story will be written centered around the student(s) great work, and will be shared on social media so other schools all over Nova Scotia can see too! 

Want to know what qualities a Green Hero possesses? Here is a list of some of the behaviors that teachers can look out for. Students can be doing either one or more of these! 

  • Practices energy efficiency by turning off the lights when not in use
  • Ensures there is no phantom power being used in rooms around the house/school
  • Encourages or practices outdoor play instead of using electronics
  • Wears a sweater when feeling cold instead of increasing heat
  • Encourages family time (if done at home) to ensure fewer lights on in the house during evenings
  • Short showers, with timers
  • Using clothes racks to dry clothes instead of dryer
  • Utilizes natural light by opening up the curtains
  • Completely turns off electronics (not left in standby mode)
  • Unplugging phones from chargers when full
  • Closing the windows when the heat is on

We look forward to finding many Green Heroes across the province and sharing their amazing stories with Nova Scotians. Stories we hope will inspire others to act, changing their behaviors to become more energy efficient. 

~ Ruvi Mugara

Program Coordinator

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