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Maggie’s Place Helping Families #WasteLess

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Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Truro is always working hard to help families around the Colchester region.  From car-seat checks to cooking classes, they have lots of knowledge to share, and events for families to participate in.

They also always encourage green options in day to day life, and they’re making this more attainable, with some of the workshops they’re offering, recipes they’re sharing, and more.

On October 7th, Maggie’s Place is hosting a Chef Garden Pasta Sauce Workshop-and the veggies are provided locally from Cochrane’s Farm in Upper Stewiacke! This will be a great workshop that shows families how to use fresh, local products when cooking pasta dishes at home. The workshops are showing families new recipes they might not have otherwise tried, promotes supporting local, and making things from scratch. Encouraging children to help with the cooking at home is a great way to teach them essential life skills, while also teaching them how to reduce food waste.

On October 18th, Maggie’s Place is hosting a Beeswax Wrap Workshop! Beeswax wrap has been growing in popularity across the province, and globally. It’s a great way to upcycle old fabric, support local beekeepers, and reduce our plastic consumption, at home and at school! Beeswax wraps can replace baggies, plastic wrap, and more. They’re great for school lunches, and simply storing food at home. It also helps food keep longer!  And because they’re made from fabric, there are so many different patterns available. You can “refresh” your beeswax wraps at home by simply adding some more wax as needed! Then you can compost the wrap at the end of its life. For anyone in the area interested in this workshop, contact Maggie’s to register (registration is free) at 902-895-0200. 

Make sure to follow Maggie’s Place on Facebook they are always posting their upcoming events and workshops, and also share some pretty tasty recipes that focus on healthy, local ingredients. 

~Pamela Chandler

Northern Nova Scotia Engagement Officer


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