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Meadowfields Community School’s Environment Club is setting awesome examples!

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Meadowfields Community School’s Environment Club has another green year well underway! Mrs. Nakpil’s team of seven Grade 5 and 6 students kicked off the year with Wasteless Wednesdays. Every Wednesday all students are encouraged to pack lunches using reusable containers, what a great way to waste less! This initiative has been long running and new parents are even educated on how to pack wasteless lunches during primary orientation.

This year the Environment Club added two more theme days to their school’s week, Lights Off Mondays and Phantom Fridays. Starting in November, the team was busy making announcements and educating their fellow students about Lights Off Monday. Classrooms are encouraged to open their blinds in the morning to let in the natural sunlight and only use the lights that are needed, and of course turn off the lights when they leave their classrooms. The hope is by having the students start the week off on the right energy foot they will waste less energy all week long!

Shortly after kicking off Lights Off Monday, the team added Phantom Friday. The Environment Club eagerly used their school’s video announcements to show videos that explain phantom power and how to stop it. They were then able to focus on how to get rid of the energy phantoms in their school. They encourage all students and staff to power down and unplug electronics for the weekend!

If you want your students to understand phantom power, watch these great videos:

Many more great videos can be found on the Green Schools YouTube channel!

One advantage of having a school-wide education initiative like Meadowfield’s Environmental Club, is more students that are eager to join and help make a difference in their school and beyond!

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