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Meet Genaya

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Hello! My name is Genaya Fraser and ever since I was young I have had a passion for storytelling, nature, education, sustainability, and art with a great love for my community. 

I still remember that in Junior High I participated in a school science play our teacher helped us write about the ecology and history of Peters Field Park. I had never been in a play before and I was so nervous, but once I was on stage I realized just how much fun I was having. I played a chickadee, a flower, and the Queen Bee. After that I knew I wanted to work as an educator in a creative field. I try to find different ways to integrate lessons into the classroom, as well as incorporate the environment, just like my science teacher did.

After finishing my bachelor’s of education four years ago, I began doing just that! I have had the opportunity to do so many amazing things and meet so many inspiring people! I’ve worked as a substitute teacher and an after school art teacher. I have spent much of the past five years volunteering my time to local businesses and projects that create safe spaces for people to express themselves in an often outdoor, active, and creative setting. 

As a new Engagement Officer with Green Schools Nova Scotia, I am so excited to start sharing my passion for sustainability and the environment with students and teachers. I love that I can brainstorm ideas with classes to figure out new ways to live just a little bit more efficiently.  Every time I speak with a school I am able to see all of the amazing initiatives students and teachers are taking to save energy and reduce waste! I am excited to meet all the awesome students and teachers around this beautiful island and share ways we can all be more energy efficient. 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Genaya Fraser
Cape Breton Engagement Officer


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