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More students than ever learn to fight climate change: 1 in 2 schools join Green Schools Nova Scotia

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A program that helps students, teachers and parents become more energy efficient and enhance environmental sustainability in their community has reached over half the schools in the province.

Green Schools Nova Scotia encourages students and teachers to waste less and protect the environment through the creation of Green Teams, presentations, class projects and activities. As an Efficiency Nova Scotia program, it focuses on energy efficiency and how it can help students and schools meet their climate change goals.

Since 2011, Green Schools has:

Grown from 65 schools to over 200
Created hundreds of free resources and lesson plans for teachers
Spread over all seven school boards
Welcomed over 10,000 members to Green Teams
Completed hundreds of sustainability projects, such as energy saving campaigns, community gardens and recycling programs

Classrooms like Chelsea McOrmond’s elementary class in New Minas regularly take advantage of Green School’s resources.

“Green Schools Nova Scotia provides a great link to what we’re doing in the school and what we can do in the community,” says Ms. McOrmond, Green Team leader at New Minas Elementary School. “ The Engagement Officers make time to connect with the students, which helps them see how they’re making a difference in the community and beyond.”

For Efficiency Nova Scotia, the program is reaching a key demographic.

“The Green Schools program is designed to be adaptable, so that Green Teams can focus on projects and activities that most interest them,” said Amelia Warren, Director of Customer Experience and Partnerships at Efficiency Nova Scotia. “We’re extremely grateful for the support the program has received from teachers, students and administrators across the province, and we look forward to continuing to grow and improve.”

Earth Week is usually the busiest time of year for the Green Teams across the province. With five Engagement Officers covering all Nova Scotia, over a dozen activities have already been scheduled, including presentations and Earth Day pledges at Westmount School, Lockport Elementary, Citadel High and River John Preschool.

For more information about Efficiency Nova Scotia’s program services visit


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