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Munro Academy model islands!

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Upper elementary students at Munro Academy created their own model islands!

Each island had to have it’s own energy system and grid to distribute the energy to each of the homes on the island. Every student created a model of their island out of playdough and spoke about all of its features including seasons, geographic features, temperature, population and bodies of water. Each island had a name such as Playdough Island and Hare Island.

Sources of electricity on these imaginary islands included hydro, tidal, solar, and bio-gas digesters (a biogas digester is a way of creating energy by extracting the methane from manure). Some of the students’ islands had specific rules such as mandatory farming, no vehicles other than bikes, and a day set aside for eating only pancakes!

Engagement Officer Shandel Brown joined Munro through Google Hangouts to see the island presentations and ask students questions about the viability of their islands. The students put a ton of effort into these presentations, they were exceptionally well done!

Although a little blurry, check out these cool photos of awesome a Green Schools virtual engagement can be! Get in touch with us today to have your virtual engagement now!

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