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Needs vs Wants Engagement

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On March 25th, 2019, I had a Virtual Engagement with two grade 6 classes from Bedford South School. The topic of conversation was on Needs Vs Wants.

A need is defined as what one has to acquire in order to survive. This sparked conversation among the students of what is actually “needed” in their Nova Scotian community in order to survive and live a substantial life.

The conclusion we came to was that the community or society you live in dictates what is considered a need for those people. The sixth graders at Bedford South narrowed it down to these five basic needs:

  • Food (nutritious food) – a donut is not a need, it is a want, as we can survive without it.
  • Water (clean water) – readily available here in Nova Scotia, as it can be accessed through a tap.
  • Oxygen – Nova Scotia has plenty of fresh air, thanks to our ocean and all the vegetation we are surrounded by.
  • Shelter – Our homes provide us year-round protection.
  • Clothing – we need to keep our bodies warm in winter, and cool in summer.

While these are basic needs in any society, the following three “needs” were also identified for the community they live in:

  • Money – the class felt in our current society, money is a necessity for basic survival.
  • Transportation – all students agreed that our society required vehicles to get around, but there is no need to always have the newest car, as this means we are growing our carbon footprint.
  • Education – this is one that they all felt was very important. In order to progress in our current civilization, understanding all of the amazing things we continue to create and make better.


Ruvi Mugara

Engagement Officer, Halifax

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