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New Glasgow Academy learns all about energy!

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Recently, Engagement Officer Pam visited Grade 7 and 8 science students at New Glasgow Academy. Mr. (Faber) Mackie science students went away with a better understanding of the concept of energy efficiency and how to have better energy saving habits.

The students got the full Getting Started with Energy presentations, with the videos about how to save energy, the story of electricity in NS, and energy efficiency.  

Throughout the presentations the students had some great questions, such as “What percentage of electricity is from renewable sources right now?” as one of the videos mentions 25% in 2015 and the goal of 40% by 2020. That answer is: More than 26.6%! Nova Scotia surpassed their 25% goal by the end of 2015, a remarkable increase from only 9% in 2007.  By 2050 or before, Nova Scotia’s electricity utilities may be nearly carbon free.

After the presentations, volunteers came to the front of the class and got to test out some devices with and energy meter, including LED Christmas lights, a 100W and a 60W old Incandescent light bulb, LED night light, LED light bulb, a CFL light bulb, older style Christmas mini-lights, and even a hair dryer. Each volunteer held one of the devices/light bulbs while facing the class. The class worked together to arrange the volunteers with their devices in order from least energy to most energy needed. They did great with this, and had most of the devices in the correct order, with the LED lights needing the least energy and the hair dryer requiring the most.  

This activity gave the students a better understanding of our energy consumption, ways to reduce it, and the positive effects that will arise with energy efficiency.

After testing out the devices, students got to ask final questions and everyone got a Green Schools stamp. Some of the students had some questions about the services from Efficiency NS, such as the free LED night light and LED light bulb upgrades. They also talked about the news that Tesla had just released their new, incredibly efficient Solar Shingles, which are to be on the market in 2017. The release video, and the specs can be seen at…

At the end of the day, some of the students even helped Pam pack up my devices back into her tote, thanks guys!

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