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New Green School Halifax Christian Academy holiday story!

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Engagement Officer Colleen visited Halifax Christian Academy just before the holidays and the students were full of the festive holiday spirit! That week each day had a theme, and the day Colleen was there was Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. One student even wore a strand of LED holiday lights!

The Grade 9 presentation focused on the Green Schools light bulb comparison activity. They learned about the technology that lights up the three main types of light bulbs with the great video “Energy now: Lightbulbs 101” (watch below).

Mr. Langille is the high school science and math teacher who organized the presentations and has been really enthusiastic about Green Schools resources and activities. He hosted the Grade 9 presentation and had some 6 volt batteries hooked up for an activity with the students about circuits. Ms. Kitchen and Ms. Wagar are the middle school teachers who hosted the next presentation. These students had some background on electricity from Grade 6 and so the presentation was done at the Grade 7-8 level.

Students had mostly heard of Efficiency Nova Scotia, and a few had had installations of LED light bulbs. There was lots of enthusiasm for the hands-on components including the energy meter and the timed power bar. The HCA students all had the opportunity to handle the diodes and the battery, which demonstrate how little power is required to power them. The colour of the diodes is always an interesting topic – not only is the plastic housing of the diode coloured, the chosen metal material that makes up the diode itself determines the colour of the light emitted.

The students were really excited and enthusiastic about their upcoming Christmas concert, Colleen even heard the band students practicing “Good King Wenceslas”.

All the staff were extremely welcoming and friendly. Middle school students expressed gratitude to Colleen personally and actually applauded at the end of the presentation!

Thanks Halifax Christian Academy, and we hope you’ve had wonderful holidays so far!

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