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Northumberland Regional High School and energy efficiency!

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Northumberland Regional High School in Alma had a Green Schools visit and it was awesome! Engagement Officer Pam presented to one of Ms. Alison Bell’s GlobalGeo12 class, and then her PreIB Geo10 class with the Green Team. Ms. Bell has several GlobalGeo12 classes, Pam’s looking forward to visiting with the others, and the Green Team, through the use of technology and virtual engagements!

The students went away with a better understanding of the concept of energy efficiency and how to have better energy saving habits, while considering how our energy consumption affects not just us directly, but also our oceans and our globe.

Pam mentioned to the students that shortly, a lot of them will be getting their own apartments with friends and roommates, and will have to pay their own energy bills. Once realizing that our energy habits will soon direct their personal finances, they had more questions about stopping drafts, using a clothesline and more!

Pam also talked about how they have a lot of opportunities with regards to options for study, and the great opportunities that can come along during studies, such as semesters abroad, international internships, work terms and more. They were interested to see how environmental studies can lead to so many opportunities.

The presentations not only gave the students a better understanding of their energy consumption, ways to reduce it, and the positive effects that will arise with energy efficiency; it also opened their minds into studies and careers related to energy, and how we can have a positive impact on our world.

At the end of the school day, the co-leaders from the Green Team and other team members stuck around to ask questions. Their team is hoping to plant trees along the Trans Canada Trail, and Pam is going to help them with that process, through support packages and virtual engagements!

The school also built a greenhouse last year, and has a small but dedicated team of students who help with the planting and maintaining of the crops. The last harvest was taken home by those students and the teachers involved. Pam is also going to also make up a Remote Support Package for those students and teachers to help improve their next harvest.

We can’t wait to see the results of so much great collaboration between Northumberland High and Green Schools!

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